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  • Plus Size Bras Can Be Sexy
    Plus Size Bras Can Be Sexy
    Looking for the perfect bra is difficult for all women. Because each and every woman is different, each with a unique size and shape, finding the right bra is a big, big task. Finding the perfect bra is much more difficult if you are overweight. Plus size bra should both be supportive and comfortable, and should not be restrictive and unflattering. Plus size women nowadays are lucky because the market is full of plus size bra promising to provide support and comfort in the chest area. And these plus size bra even comes in pretty designs and yummy colors! In the past plus size bra looks generic, made of durable, functional stuff like cotton, and plus size women do not particularly find shopping for underwear an enjoyable experience. But nowadays, just look around the mall and you will find plus size bras with beautiful laces and intricate designs that look very sexy and very pretty. Sexy plus size bras are…
  • Panties for Women: Underwear Styles for Every Body
    Panties for Women: Underwear Styles for Every Body
    Women's panties have come a long way from being just one kind of panty. There are now several kinds of women's panties that cater to the needs and desires of women and also those of men. Panties started as a means to keep a woman's modesty. They were initially designed like pantaloons to cover the ladies' calves and for some even the ankles. As time went by, women's panties slowly went higher and higher and more skin tight. The reasons for these changes are the changes that women's wardrobe went through. Granny Panties These kinds of women's panties are the ones that cover the most. These are usually a bit loose, cover the entire bottom and the legs are cut in a conservative fashion, which means they are cut low. They are so called because they look so conservative and old fashioned that grannies are the ones that are most likely to wear them, if they are so inclined. These…
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