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  • Handbags
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    We love the different varieties and colors of the many handbags and purses designed to match the beautiful outfits and dresses for all occasions. Whether you prefer a clutch, wallet, handbag, evening bag, beach bag, or backpack, there are many to choose from. Also, many different designers and price points. #shrs_MAP03370_target { text-align: center; width: auto; margin: 5px; border: 2px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); padding: 4px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; height: auto; } #shrs_MAP03370_pagingDsp { font-size: 1.2em; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } #shrs_MAP03370_pagingDsp ul.shrs_MAP03370_pagingList { padding: 0px; margin: 5px 0px 0px; } #shrs_MAP03370_pagingDsp ul.shrs_MAP03370_pagingList li { display: inline; list-style-type: none; padding-right: 10px; } #shrs_MAP03370_pagingDsp ul.shrs_MAP03370_pagingList li.shrs_MAP03370_currentPage { font-size: 1.3em; font-weight: bold; } #shrs_MAP03370_pagingDsp ul.shrs_MAP03370_pagingList li a { color: rgb(0, 82, 156); } #shrs_MAP03370_pagingDsp ul.shrs_MAP03370_pagingList li.shrs_MAP03370_currentPage a { text-decoration: none; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); } ul.shrs_MAP03370_productDspList li a.MAP03370_productNameLink { color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-size: 1.1em; } .shrs_MAP03370_productDiv { vertical-align: top; padding: 5px; border: 2px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); display: inline-block; margin:…
  • Fashion for Halloween
    Fashion for Halloween
    For Halloween this year, consider wearing one of these pretty dresses to work or out on a date. You also could be the charming hostess of a party. How beautiful and ready for fun you will look! shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(33982, 1266102, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_product12_populate'); Or perhaps you would enjoy leggings or pants for the more casual look and feel. shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(33983, 1266102, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_product12_populate'); Great costumes! shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(34751, 1266102, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_product12_populate'); For gifts or candy for your party or friends and co-workers, check the selection below. How sweet they will think you are! Oh, your children will love these also! shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(33984, 1266102, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_product12_populate'); Halloween is coming soon, are you ready for it? Grab a bargain in our Halloween Picks! Down to $7.10.
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